Why You Should Never Mix “Business” and “Politics” (Business + Politics = Disaster)

A friend of mine is very political. He also runs an online business. I asked him a simple question:

Me: “Why do you mix the two?”

Him: “I just can’t keep quiet about…”

And I get it.

One of the BEST things about “freedom of speech” is having the option to speak up when we believe something isn’t okay.

…but when you run an online business, there’s a BIG Problem with speaking up. And that problem is this:

This is how the United States voted for this presidential election. 51% voted for one side. 49% voted for the other side.

Why is it a problem?


If you go public about your political views, you stand to alienate HALF of your customer base.


And for what reason?

No. Really. What’s the reason?

“I just can’t keep quiet…”

I get it…

Sometimes we get so worked up that we need to write our feelings on Facebook… just so we can see 175 people like our Facebook post… and read the 125 comments of people telling us we’re right…

(I mean, have you ever seen my coffee shop stories? What’s that all about? Yea, they’re funny. But come on! Gimme them likes! No. Just kidding. There’s actually a reason behind those stories but I’ll save that for another day).

But what does that have to do with your business?

Almost nothing.



Unless you stand to directly benefit from the results of an election, there’s no legitimate BUSINESS reason to share your opinion.

(By directly benefit I mean: you will land a new customer. And, you can name who that customer is. Right now).

So, it’s smart to keep quiet.

I know. It’s hard.

Do you know how many times I wrote a Facebook post about some political issue, then showed my team, and they’re like, “OH NO! Don’t do it.”

But, it’s the smart BUSINESS thing to do. STAY QUIET.

You should never alienate potentially half of your customers because you have feelings that you need to share with people. Even if those feelings are about real problems that will drastically impact our future and our kids and our businesses and ME ME ME ME ME ME.

Look at it like this…

If you ever met me in person, you’ll notice that I use curse words. And that I probably use them more than I care to admit.

But I never use curse words on my email list. And I almost never say them in video, on webinars, or anywhere else.


Why would I change the way I talk? Why can’t I just “be myself?” Why can’t I just do what I do and screw ’em if they don’t like it?

Because there are people who won’t buy from someone who curses.

As weird as that may seem to me, there are actually people who won’t buy from someone who curses…

But no one wakes up and says, “I need to find an online course or software product from someone who uses the F word… they’re just so honest!”

So, I don’t curse.

Just like I don’t talk about politics and business.

(Well. I did talk about politics and business once. I posted this picture on Facebook)

Now you may even be surprised by this.

“This seems so unlike you! You like to fight about things!”

And you’re right. I do like to fight about things. Especially when that fight scares away the people I never want to work with… but when you stand to lose a customer… for no reason whatsoever… it’s dumb.

What do you think?

Leave a comment.

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