Meet Hartmut, the Freelance Software Developer Instantly Closed a 6-Month Retainer Contract… On His Terms!

Hartmut Goetze is a freelancer who works with software development teams. And he’s a freelancer by CHOICE, because he values his flexibility. But it wasn’t always easy to get high-paying clients on his own terms. Until he completely changed his sales conversations, using the Yes Engines system.

Now he says:

“I am able to close higher-value contracts with more flexible working conditions than before.”

The Freelancer’s Dilemma:
Work Flexibility Vs. Income Rollercoaster

If you’re a freelancer, you might be familiar with this:

To get clients you compromise. You work on the days you said you didn’t want to work. You do extra meetings or revisions. You work with a client even though you know it’s not a perfect fit…


Frankly, because you NEED to make enough to pay the bills and live each month. And if you don’t compromise, those potential clients might just vanish.

Well, that’s how it was for Hartmut:

“As soon as I mentioned certain limiting conditions (75% availability on-site instead of 100%), part-time remote work, the interest in my services quickly vanished. I was perceived on-par with regular hirees, in other words: a replaceable resource. I was forced to accept the given conditions.”

And it’s frustrating. But thanks to Yes Engines, Hartmut was able to escape this dilemma. Here’s how…

Understanding What Really Matters
in Sales Conversations (And What Doesn’t)

Hartmut is an expert. And as an expert he always thought his expertise was his biggest selling point.

So, in his sales conversations, that’s what he talked about: his expertise, his experience managing teams, his values…

In my previous sales talks, I had talked way too much about my experiences, extra skills and past performance.”

…and other stuff his clients didn’t really care about!

But Yes Engines helped Hartmut get crystal clear on what his clients DO want to hear about:

“Yes Engines helped a lot. I realized that the best sale is when I actually help the customer most by understanding her needs better than she does, and then delivering in steps that she can accept and understand.”

Seems obvious. But it’s not always easy to uncover the real wants and needs of your clients, because they don’t always say it flat out.

That’s why one of the first steps inside of Yes Engines is learning to listen – and decipher – what your clients are telling you.

This was as big Aha-Moment for Hartmut:

“I learned to listen more and offer solutions for the problems mentioned.”

Once he implemented these insights, Hartmut’s sales conversations started to change.

New Contracts, Work Flexibility
AND Income Security

And Hartmut started seeing results FAST…

He’d only completed half of the Yes Engines training, but he was already able to close higher-value contracts with more flexible working conditions.

Just like he wanted!

For example:

“In this same month, I received 2 calls by potential customers. All of them became very interested and told me that my flexibility requirements wouldn’t be an issue. This was no coincidence but clearly a result of my sales dialog, honed by Yes Engines.”


After I worked through 50% of the Yes Engines videos and worksheets in November 2015, I closed a favorable deal: 6 months engagement, 3 weeks per month, remote as needed from my side, and a decent monthly retainer that helped me get through a time when I had to take care of a very sick family member.

Now THAT’s how you escape the Freelancer’s Dilemma! Hartmut closed a monthly retainer contract for SIX months in advance. Working on HIS terms.

Nicely done!


The flexibility of being a freelancer is great. But the rollercoaster of not knowing how much you’re going to make this month is not so great. Rather, it’s scary…

…especially when you have a family to support, like Hartmut.

So, yes, learning how to sell is good for your bank account. But it’s also good for your peace of mind as a freelancer, when you know you have a system in place that can keep you busy and paid consistently.

Now what I wanted to know was:

How did Hartmut implement the Yes Engines training and get results so quickly?

How to Get the Most Out of Yes Engines

That’s what I asked Hartmut. And here’s what he said:

If you want to reap the benefits from [Derek’s] trainings, you have to have self-discipline and do the work. It IS tough, sometimes. But well worth the struggle.”

But Hartmut also added:

“Expect good fun and entertainment (as always) from Derek’s videos.”

I’m glad you enjoyed the course, Hartmut!

The question is:

Will YOU join and be the next Yes Engines success story?

Now’s the time to take the first step:

Get More Clients – Join Yes Engines Today



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